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Articles of Incorporation (PDF)

On Saturday, June 11th, 2005, The John and Lydia Workman Family Organization was organized in Utah. The Organization will consist of a Board of Directors with a Board Member from each of the above families and four Board Members at Large. The Board Members at Large consist of the individuals in the contact list.

The Board Member elected to represent the Jacob Lindsay Family was Mary Jeanne Jenness.

President of the Organization Larry Streadbeck, V.P. Mark Workman, Secretary Kit Workman and Treasurer Dale Workman formed the original Operating Group.
See the Contact page for the list of current officers.

The Board of Directors as currently constituted at any time will direct the functions of the Organization.

We receive member information all the time as it is sent to those representatives listed under 'Contact Information' on this page.

Send new member info to all three of the addresses in the Contact list.

To join, view this invitation letter.

A complete write-up of the Organization Minutes will be prepared and posted to this website after approval at the July 16th board meeting.

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