303. JAMES THOMAS WORKMAN, son of Jacob L. Workman284(John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Nancy Reader; born 22 July 1835 in Overton Co., Tenn; died 24 Aug. 1907 in Parker, Fremont, Idaho; married 16 Jan. 1864 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to LUCY GRICE (born 29 Feb. 1840 in Leamington, Warwickshire, England; died 22 Feb. 1924 in Parker, Idaho; dau of William Grice and Jane Devenish) and had children born in Farmington, Davis, Utah:

*1794. THOMAS WILLIAM WORKMAN born 13 Oct. 1864; died 7 Dec. 1934 in Oakley, Idaho.
*1795. JOSEPHINE WORKMAN born 26 Sept. 1866.
*1796. JACOB L. WORKMAN born 8 Nov. 1868; died 20 Feb. 1930 in Inglewood, Calif.
*1797. ALICE JANE WORKMAN born 24 Dec. 1870.
*1798. GEORGE ALBERT WORKMAN born 1 July 1873; died 8 Dec. 1934 in Parker, Idaho.
*1799. JOSEPH MULLENDER WORKMAN born 10 Oct. 1875.
1800. JOHN WALTER WORKMAN born 9 March 1878; died 7 July 1879.
1801. LUCY CAROLINE WORKMAN born 24 Dec. 1883; died 19 Dec. 1899 in Parker, Idaho.

   James Thomas Workman experienced all the hardships of the trek across the plains with the "Mormon" pioneers. He was old enough to realize the sorrow of his mother's untimely death and the struggles made by his pioneer father to keep his family together and raise them in the untried west. Growing to manhood in Salt Lake City, he married and settled in Farmington, a few miles north of Salt Lake, where he and his family lived for 21 years. In 1885 he and his family moved to the Snake River Valley where they again pioneered in the building of the town of Parker, Idaho. He was a man well-loved by his neighbors and family for his kindness and generosity and his regard for the welfare of others.

1794. THOMAS WILLIAM WORKMAN, son of James Thomas Workman303 (Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1 and Lucy Grice; born 13 Oct. 1684 in Farmington, Utah; died 7 Dec. 1934 in Burley, Idaho; buried 10 Dec. 1934 in Oakley, Idaho; married 6 June 1887 in Plano, Madison, Idaho, to SARAH HIATT (born,28 Nov. 1869 in Slaterville, Weber, Utah; died 29 March 1911 in LaGrande, Union, Oregon; dau of Samuel Moore Hiatt and Mary Eleanor Taylor) and had children:

1802. LOTTIE ALICE WORKMAN born 6 June 1888 in Parker, Idaho; died 23 Dec. 1899 in Parker, Idaho.
1803. MARY LEONE WORKMAN born 10 April 1890 in Parker, Idaho; died 18 Dec. 1899.
1804. LUCY EMELINE WORKMAN born 18 Jan. 1892 in Parker, Idaho; died 30 Nov. 1899.
*1805. BERTHA ACELIA WORKMAN born 25 Jan. 1894 in Parker, Idaho.
*1806. SARAH MAE WORKMAN born 16 May 1898 in Parker, Idaho.

232, 233 WORKMAN FAMILY HISTORY (have photos)

The home of James Thomas Workman and Lucy Grice Workman, at Parker, Idaho, 1900. Middle picture - Willis LeRoy Winegar, Alice Jane Workman Winegar. Bottom - Thomas William Workman, Lucy Caroline Workman.

Top row, left to right - Sarah Hiatt Workman, Thomas William Workman, Lottie Alice Workman. Lower row, left to right (standing) - Lottie Alice Workman, Mary Leone Workman. Sitting - Lucy Emmeline Workman, baby Bertha Acelia Workman. Right upper - William Bud Workman, Bertha Acelia Workman Weathermon Arrington.

1807. ZETTA WORKMAN born 3 Feb. 1903 in LaGrande, Oregon; married 16 Nov. 1931 in Pendleton, Oregon, to DONALD C. WOODWORTH (who died 13 Sept. 1954).
*1808. WILLIAM BUD WORKMAN born 23 May 1905 in LaGrande, Oregon.

   Thomas William Workman married (2) ZURIAH MAY GROVER POULTON.

1805. BERTHA ACELIA WORKMAN dau of Thomas William Workman1794 (James Thomas303 Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Sarah Hiatt; born 25 Jan. 1894 in Parker, Idaho; married (1) 18 Sept. 1918 at Pendleton, Oregon, to OSCAR LESTER WEATHERMON (born 2 Aug. 1890 in Walla Walla, Washington; son of Stephen Hobson Weathermon and Emma Jane Woods) and had children:

1809. WILMA MAE WEATHERMON born 30 Jan. 1921 in Milton, Umatilla, Oregon; married 20 June 1952 to J. QUINCE JOHNSON (born 14 Aug. 1917 in Logan, Cache, Utah; son of Joseph Johnson and Amanda Viola Shepard.) No children.
Wilma served her church as a missionary and her family as an ardent supporter of the genealogical movement and an officer in the organization.
1810. LORA IDELL WEATHERMON born 15 Oct. 1922 in Seattle, Washington; married (1) 17 Aug. 1940 in Walla Walla, Washington, to MILES LADD SHEPHERD and had children: Miles Ladd Shepherd born 6 June 1942 in LaGrande, Oregon; Barbara Jo Shepherd born 5 June 1944 in Spokane, Washington; John Douglas Shepherd born 22 Aug. 1946 in Spokane, Washington; Maurene Denise Shepherd born 24 Nov. 1948 in Tucson, Arizona; Allan Ralph Shepherd born 16 Oct. 1950 in Phoenix, Arizona.
After a divorce from Mr. Shepherd, Lora Idell Weathermon married (2) 12 Sept. 1957 to NATHAN LINTON.
1811. SARA ALENE WEATHERMON born 17 Feb. 1927 in Seattle, Washington; married (1) 4 Sept. 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah to REED STRATFORD BAGLEY (born 9 Feb. 1923 in Pocatello, Idaho; son of Ezra Bagley and Ruby Stratford) and had a dau: Myrle Evonne Bagley born 31 Aug. 1951 in Ogden, Utah.
Sara and Mr. Bagley were divorced in 1953 and she married (2) 22 Feb. 1954 in Elko, Nevada, to ARCHIE LEE BROWN (born 30 May 1916 in Colfax, Grant Parish, Louisiana; son of George William Brown and Ollie Eunice Harper) and had children born in Ogden, Utah: Stanley Earl Brown born 6 Nov. 1955; Sara Diane Brown born 11 Aug. 1959.
1812. DONALD IRVAN WEATHERMON born 14 April 1932 in Walla Walla, Washington; married (1) 17 Aug. 1957 in Elko, Nevada, to SALLY RAE HAUSER (born 29 May 1939 in Clarkston, Utah; dau of Alvin Hauser and Violet Atkinson) and had a son: Richard Joseph Weathermon born 22 Nov. 1959 in Twin Falls, Idaho.
Donald and his wife were divorced in 1959 and he married (2) 18 Dec. 1959 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to KAREN FAYE MCCLOY (born 12 Sept. 1941 in Rupert, Idaho; dau of Claude Wallace McCloy and Afton Belliston) and had a dau: Crystal Dawn Weathermon born 12 Nov. 1960 at The Dalles, Oregon.
1813. BERNITA JUNE WEATHERMON born 23 June 1935 in Walla Walla, Washington; married 1 Jan 1955 in Elko, Nevada, to RONALD JAMES FASSLER (born 5 Dec. 1934 at Fort Scott, Kansas; son of James Pious Fassler and Violet Lucille Ala) and had children: James William


Top row, left to right - Oscar Lester Weathermon, Robert Glenn Arrington, Bertha Acelia Workman Weathermon Arrington. Center row, left to right - Sarah Alene Weathermon, Wilma Mae Weathermon Johnson, Jay Q. Johnson. Lower row, left to right - Lora Idell Weathermon, Bernita June Weathermon, Donald Irvan Weathermon.

Fassler born 21 Dec. 1957 in Butler, Bates, Mo; June Acelia Fassler born 8 Dec. 1958 in Kansas City, Mo. Berneita and Ronald were divorced in 1959.

Bertha Acelia Workman and Mr. Weathermon were divorced in 1947 at Walla Walla, Washington, and she married (2) 10 June 1948 at Logan, Utah, to ROBERT GLENN ARRINGTON.

1806. SARAH MAE WORKMAN, dau of Thomas William Workman, dau of Thomas William Workman1794 (James Thomas303 Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Sarah Hiatt; born 16 May 1898 in Parker, Idaho; married 8 Feb. 1917 in Ogden, Utah, to JOSEPH PETER SHURTLIFF (born 10 Dec. 1894 in Ogden, Utah; son of Heber Haskell Shurtliff and Annie Folkman) and had children:

1814. HELEN SHURTLIFF born 27 Dec. 1917 in Ogden, Utah; married 30 Sept. 1939 in Farmington, Utah, to CARL WILLARD OLSON (born 13 Feb. 1918 in Ogden, Utah) and had children: Penelope Olson (adopted) born 6 July 1939 in Pasadena, Calif; Whitney Willard Olson born 25 Aug. 1941 in Los Angeles, Calif; Mimi Olson born May 1943 in Los Angeles, Calif.
1815. MARYAN SHURTLIFF born 18 Sept. 1925 in Ogden, Utah

1808. WILLIAM (BUD) WORKMAN, son of Thomas William Workman1794 (James Thomas303 Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1 and Sarah Hiatt; born 23 May 1905 in LaGrande, Oregon; married 16 Sept. 1925 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to BESSIE MANNING (born 13 June 1905 in Ogden, Utah; dau of Frank Hart Manning and Martha Ann Fowles) and had children born in Ogden, Utah:

1816. WILLIAM GAR WORKMAN born 19 Aug. 1932; married 27 July 1951 in Ogden, Utah, to JEAN MARIE PHILLIPS (dau of Sylvester Phillips) and had children: William Gerald Workman born 17 April 1952; Karen Jean Workman born 27 Dec. 1953; Gloria Ann Workman born 9 Nov. 1956.
1817. SARAH ANN WORKMAN born 29 Sept. 1934; married 31 Aug. 1956 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to LeROY N. BARKER (born 18 Oct. 1928 in Brigham City, Utah; son of Claude Rufus Barker and Iva Reeder Nelson) and had a son: Michael Jay Barker born 2 Dec. 1957 in Madison, Dane, Wisconsin.
1818. THOMAS KARL WORKMAN born 22 Aug. 1940 in Ogden, Utah.
1819. MARVEL LEE WORKMAN born 19 Jan. 1945 in Ogden, Utah.

1795. JOSEPHINE WORKMAN, dau of James Thomas Workman303 (Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Lucy Grice; born 26 Sept. 1866 in Farmington, Utah; married (1) 26 March 1886 in Parker, Idaho, to LEONARD W. WINEGAR (born 18 Feb. 1861 in Parley's Canyon, Utah; died 28 May 1888 in Parker, Idaho) and had one son:

1820. LEONARD W. WINEGAR Jr. born 31 Aug. 1888 in Parker, Idaho; died 14 Aug. 1955 in Newton, Idaho; married HARRIET HENDRICKS (who died before 1929) and had children: Glendon Winegar of Portland, Oregon; Joseph S. Winegar of Blackfoot, Idaho; Bud R. Winegar of Tooele, Utah; Pearl J. Winegar (a son) of Roy, Utah; Orva Winegar who married Mr. Danks, of Odgen, Utah; Vera Winegar who married Mr. Jensen of Brigham City, Utah; Iona Winegar who married Mr. Jenkins of Newton

(p. 237 is photographs)

Top row, left to right - Leonard W. Winegar, Josephine Workman Winegar, child Leonard W. Winegar Jr. Hottom row, left - Edwin Franklin Kraus, Nancy Grace Brower Kraus (daughter of Josephine Workman and John Taylor Brower). Right - Don Edwin Kraus.

, Idaho; Iola Winegar who married Mr. Kelson of Garden Grove, Calif; Letha Winegar who married Mr. Taylor of Clinton; Zetta who married Mr. George.
  Leonard W. Winegar married (2) 17 June 1929 to MRS. NETTIE GRIFFEN JENKINS.

Josephine Workman married (2) 25 March 1891 in Parker, Idaho, to JOHN TAYLOR BROWER (born 13 Dec. 1852 in Salt Lake City, Utah; died 14 Feb. 1929 in Pocatello, Idaho; son of Ariah Coats Brower and Margaret Elizabeth Hussy) and had children:

1821. THOMAS TAYLOR BROWER born 19 Dec. 1891 in Parker, Idaho; married ADRIA ANDRUS.
1822. ARIAH COATS BROWER born 27 June 1893 in Parker, Idaho; married LYDIA BRANTNER.
1823. GEORGE STEPHEN BROWER born 12 Aug. 1895 in Parker, Idaho; married KATRYN LOCKE.
1824. ORA JOSEPHINE BROWER born 29 May 1897 in Ora, Fremont, Idaho; married FRANK R. GIBSON.
1825. JOSEPH WORKMAN BROWER born 21 May 1899 in Ora, Idaho.
1826. LUCY CAROLINE BROWER born 18 Nov. 1900 in Ora, Idaho; married (1) JACK ARTHUR DEVOUL; (2) CHARLES J. ANDERSON.
1827. KATE ELIZABETH BROWER born 18 May 1903 in Magrath, Alberta, Canada; married EUGENE J. BLAKE.
1828. NANCY GRACE BROWER born 15 Oct. 1904 in Raymond, Alberta, Canada; married EDWIN FRANKLIN KRAUS.
1829. JACOB LORENZO BROWER born 15 Oct. 1906 in Raymond, Canada; married ALVIRA WALKER.
1830. ALICE JANE BROWER born 24 March 1908 in Vina, Tehama, Calif; married PAUL LIVINGSTON.
1831. ALDEN BROWER born 24 March 1908 in Vina, Tehama, California.
1832. WILLIAM GRICE BROWER born 13 Sept. 1910 in Delta, Millard, Utah.

1796. JACOB L. WORKMAN, son of James Thomas Workman303 Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Lucy Grice; born 8 Nov. 1868 in Farmington, Utah; died 20 Feb. 1930 in Inglewood, Calif; married 29 May 1889 in Cardston, Canada, to MARGARET LEAVITT (born 29 Oct. 1873 in Wellsville, Utah; died 26 Feb. 1920 in Rupert, Idaho; dau of Thomas Rowell Sturdevant Leavitt and Antoinette Davenport) and had children:

1833. JACOB ROWELL WORKMAN born 5 Feb. 1890 in Parker, Idaho; married 21 May 1910 in Vancouver, B. C., Canada, to MABEL BELLE SKOUTEN (who died in 1930 in Lebanon, Oregon.) He married (2) GLADYS EDNA EDWARDS (born 21 July 1898 in Waterville, Minn; dau of Harvey A. Edwards and Della A. Role; Gladys had married before and had two sons.) To Jacob R. Workman and Gladys Edwards were born: Margaret Nadine Workman born 23 Sept. 1932 in Lebanon, Oregon; Shirley A. Workman born 5 Jan. 1935 in Lebanon, Oregon, died 21 Jan. 1959.
1834. ANTOINETTE WORKMAN born 17 July 1891 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada; married 21 May 1910 in Wallowa, Oregon, to FRANK ELMER CAPPS born 23 May 1890 in Yakima, Washington; died 12 Oct. 1950 in Bountiful, Utah; son of William Karl Capps and Hulda Jane Moore) and< >had children: Kenneth Elmer Capps born 19 Dec. 1911 in Yakima, Washington, married Junita Atkinson; Harry D. Capps born 10 Jan. 1913 in Wallowa, Oregon, married 31 July 1933 to Pearl Violet Everts; Jacob Leavitt Capps born 10 Sept. 1914 in Rupert, Idaho, married Maurine Ingram; Frank Carl Capps born 7 Sept. 1917 in Rupert, Idaho; Margaret LaPriel Capps born 4 Sept. 1919 in Rupert, Idaho, married 11 Oct. 1936 to John Rex Youngberg; Robert Capps born 27 Sept. 1921 in Salt Lake City, Utah, married in 1944 to Deloris Lewis; Charles Dale Capps born 9 Dec. 1931 in Bountiful, Utah, married 19 Nov. 1954 to Connie Gayle Clarkson.
*1835. THOMAS LEAVITT WORKMAN born 30 Oct. 1892 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada.
1836. LUCY WORKMAN born 26 Aug. 1894 in Cardston, Canada; married 11 June 1912 in LaGrande, Oregon, to ROSCOE STRATTON HOUGHTON (born 22 Nov. 1888 in Mammoth, Utah; died 20 Dec. 1950) and had children: Rowell Stratton Houghton born 19 Oct. 1913 in LaGrande, Oregon, married in 1938 to Vivian Anderson; Roscoe Lynn Houghton born 26 April 1916 in Astoria, Oregon, married in 1937 to Alice Young; Dorothy Carol Houghton born 4 Dec. 1917 in Rupert, Idaho, married in 1952 to Donald Wilson; Bobby Eugene Houghton born 25 April 1920 in Oregon City, Oregon, married in 1941 to Gladys ----------; Margaret Lucy Houghton born 5 Dec. 1923 in Garibaldi, Oregon, married Clarence B. LaClear.
Lucy Workman and Mr. Houghton were divorced and she married (2) CHARLES BENJAMIN FALTUS (whose first wife was Marie Losey.)
*1837. MARGARET LEONA WORKMAN born 19 July 1896 in Cardston, Canada.
1838. ANNELIZA (ANN ELIZA) WORKMAN born 20 April 1898 in Leavitt, Alberta Canada; died 15 Jan. 1908.
1839. EVELYN WORKMAN born 24 June 1900 in Leavitt, Canada; died 21 Jan. 1926 in Los Angeles, Calif; married 2 Feb. 1915 in Rupert, Idaho, to MERL HORACE HICKENLOOPER) and had children: Howard L. Hickenlooper born 14 July 1916 in Salt Lake City, Utah, died Dec. 1944 in World War II in Germany; Merle Horace Hickenlooper born 23 Jan. 1918 in Price, Utah, died 28 Jan. 1918; LaMar E. Hickenlooper born 26 June 1920 in Rupert, Idaho; Darrell R. Hickenlooper born 17 Aug. 1922 in Salt Lake City, Utah, died 27 Dec. 1924; a stillborn baby born Jan. 1926 in Los Angeles, Calif.
1840. LYDIA WORKMAN born 8 Sept. 1902 in Leavitt, Canada; married 16 March 1921 to IVAN SORENSON and had children: Marvin Leonard Sorenson born and died 3 Oct. 1921 in Salt Lake City, Utah; Margaret LaVada Sorenson born 1 Aug. 1922 in Tooele, Utah, died in 1922; Jay Ivan Sorenson born 3 Jan. 1925 in Tooele, Utah, married Anna Merit; Melba Eyvnne Sorenson born Sept. 1926 in Tooele, Utah, died Dec. 1926.
Lydia Workman married (2) FREDRICK WILLIAM CARL WITT (born 30 March 1885 in Gleinke, Germany; son of Fredrick Carl Witt and Wilhemena Johana Pagel) and had children: Robert Dee Witt born 3 Feb. 1932 in Ely, Nevada, married 8 July 1955 to Stephanie Moran; Lawrence Dale Witt born 23 May 1935 in Renton, Washington.
1841. RAY WORKMAN born 2 June 1905 in LaGrande, Oregon; married 10 July 1933 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to MARYANN BENNETT (of Bountiful, Utah) and had a son: Leland Bennett Workman born 4 April 1934 in Murray, Utah.
Ray Workman married (2) LOIS ARLENE SCOTT (dau of Stanley J. Scott and Bessie Ferguson) and had children born in Anderson, Marion, Indiana; Dixie Darlene Workman born 18 Nov. 1938; Sharon Kay Workman born 26 Nov. 1943.
1842. FLOYD D. WORKMAN born 21 Oct. 1907 in Wallowa, Oregon; married 6 April 1927 in Farmington, Utah, to EDITH DEPPE (born 5 July 1910 in Bountiful, Utah; dau of Arthur Deppe and Jane Ann Lynham) and had children: Lorraine Workman born 20 Oct. 1927 in Tooele, Utah, married 4 Aug. 1948 to David W. Moose; Margaret Jane Workman born 29 Nov. 1929 in Salt Lake City, Utah, married 21 Aug. 1949 to Glen Vance Marvin; Floyd Dwayne Workman born 11 Sept. 1935 in Tooele, Utah, died 3 Feb. 1937; Baby stillborn 11 April 1944 in Salt Lake City, Utah; Maurine Workman born 25 Nov. 1937 in Price, Utah; Dennis Ray Workman born 11 Oct. 1947 in Salt Lake City, Utah; Lora Lee Workman born 26 Nov. 1950 in Tooele, Utah.
1843. MARVIN WORKMAN born 2 Sept. 1908 in Wallowa, Oregon.
1844. HATTIE WORKMAN born and died 27 July 1910 in Wallowa, Oregon.,
1845. WOODROW WILSON WORKMAN born 14 Sept. 1912 in Wallowa, Oregon; married 9 Feb. 1932 to ETTA JANE BURNINGHAM (born 23 Dec. 1914 in Bountiful, Utah; dau of John Asa Burningham. and Pricilla Ann Warner) and had children: Margaret Ann Workman born and died 7 March 1933 in Bountiful, Utah; Larry Jay Workman born 17 April 1935 In Bountiful, Utah, died 26 Feb. 1951; Johnnie Rowell Workman born 17 Nov. 1939 in Portland, Oregon; Dudley Wilson Workman born 3 July 1948 in Portland, Oregon; Carolyn Workman born 26 April 1952 in Portland, Oregon.
1846. HELEN WORKMAN born 19 July 1915 in Rupert, Idaho.
1847. DUDLEY WORKMAN born 26 Feb. 1920 in Rupert, Idaho.

Jacob L. Workman married (2) 16 March 1921 in Logan, Utah, to MARY PARKER.

1835. THOMAS LEAVITT WORKMAN, son of Jacob L. Workman1796 (James Thomas303 Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Margaret Leavitt; born 30 Oct. 1892 in Cardston, Canada; married 17 Dec. 1913 in Cardston, Canada to MARY EMMA MARSDON (born 12 Aug. 1893 in Cardston, Canada; dau of Charles Thomas Marsdon and Isabelle Harker) and had children:

1848. THOMAS LAVAR WORKMAN born 24 Oct. 1914 in Cardston, Alberta; married MERLE WILCOX (born 7 June 1914 in Alberta, Canada; dau of Jay Wilcox and Laurilla Wheeler) and had children: Kay LaVar Workman born July 1935 in Cardston, Canada; Gerry Workman born 1936 in Cardston, Canada, died Dec. 1936; Janet Marie Workman born 21 Sept. 1937 in Cardston, Canada; Penny Joan Workman born Aug. 1938 in Portland, Oregon.
Thomas LaVar Workman and Merle Wilcox were divorced and Thomas married (2) MARY LOU DURETTE.
1849. AUDREY EMMA WORKMAN born 29 Jan. 1916 in Cardston, Canada; married ALVA LeROY BYRUM-FLETCHER (born 5 Dec. 1911; son of Arlie Byrum and Leta May Melins) and had children: Robert Thomas Byrum-Fletcher born 15 April 1939 in Falls City, Oregon; James LeRoy Byrum-Fletcher born 17 Feb. 1941 in Falls City, Oregon; Maryann Byrum-Fletcher born 19 Nov. 1951 in Dallas, Oregon.
1850. NECIA WORKMAN born 28 March 1918 in Cardston, Canada; married 16 Oct. 1928 in Salem, Oregon, to MAURICE LEONARD BENNETT (born 29 July 1913 in Kimball, Alberta, Canada; son of John Harvey Bennett and Jane Powell) and had children, all adopted: Leonard LaVoy Bennett born 31 March 1942 in Edmonton, Canada; Sandra Jeanene Bennett born 22 July 1944 in Calgary, Canada; Peggy Colleen Bennett born 18 March 1951 in Calgary, Canada.
1851. BENARE HAROLD WORKMAN born 2 May 1920 in Cardston, Canada; married 26 June 1940 in Cardston, Canada, to DONNA WALL (born 23 April 1920 in Raymond, Canada; dau of Don Harvey Wall and Mary Boyson) and had children: Linda Louise Workman born 27 April 1941 in Hubbard, Oregon; Sheila Marie Workman born 2 Sept. 1943 in Silverton, Oregon; Su Anne Workman born 20 Aug. 1944 in Silverton, Ore; Jeanene Faye Workman born 8 April 1949 in Silverton, Ore; Rulan Benare Workman born 30 Nov. 1950 in Silverton, Ore; Curtis Brent Workman born 23 March 1952 in Silverton, Ore; Mark Scott Workman born 22 June 1954 in Silverton, Ore.
1852. MARSDEN EL RAY WORKMAN born 6 March 1922 in Nephi, Utah; married BETTY LOU LEIGHTY (born 8 Dec. 1924 in Stockton, Kansas; dau of William Howard Leighty and Lucy Manda Jacobs) and had children born in Silverton, Marion, Oregon: Alice Jeanne Workman born 2 Sept. 1943; Lynn Allen Workman born 5 Aug. 1947; Gary Elray Workman born 30 Oct. 1955.
1853. GAROLD LEON WORKMAN born 5 Jan. 1924 in Nephi, Utah; married CORRINE FLINT (born 21 Nov. 1927 in New Salem, Morton, North Dakota; dau of Theodore Flint and Olga Keuther) and had children: Rodney Leon Workman born 1 Sept. 1948 in Silverton, Oregon; Robert Alan Workman born 18 Sept. 1950 in Redmond, Oregon; Donald Workman born 19 July 1954 in Redmond, Oregon.
1854. MARGARET JUANITA WORKMAN born 31 May 1928 in Cardston, Canada; married JUNIOR ALEXANDER FOBERT (born 29 May 1925 in Hubbard, Oregon; son of Alexander Fobert and Elizabeth Mae Trask) and had children: Norman Douglas Fobert born 4 April 1948 in Silverton, Oregon; Margaret Eileen Fobert born 2 Aug. 1949 in Silverton, Oregon; Charles LaMont Fobert born 10 March 1952 in Silverton, Oregon; Leonard Paul Fobert born 29 April 1955 in Dallas, Oregon.
1855. LENA LORRAINE WORKMAN born 22 March 1930 in Cardston, Canada; married (1) WILLIAM JOHN PERKINS; married (2). WILBUR MARION RECK (born 14 March 1925; son of George Walter Reck and Amy Mae Simmons; married first to Freda Katherine Davidson.) The children of this union, born in Oregon City, Oregon, were: Marion Fene Reck born 10 July 1949; Ronald Lee Reck born 5 May 1950; Dennis Wayne Reck born 10 Aug. 1953; Jerry Linn Reck born 4 July 1955.
1856. RONALD MARION WORKMAN born 12 Aug. 1932 in Cardston, Canada.
1857. LOAL (LOWELL) WAYNE WORKMAN born 14 Nov. 1933 in Cardston, Canada; married 9 Sept. 1955 in Woodburn, Oregon, to RITA LORRAINE SABIN (born in Nov. 1935.)

1837. MARGARET LEONA WORKMAN, dau of Jacob Leavitt Workman1796 (James Thomas303 Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Margaret Leavitt; born 19 July 1896 in Cardston, Canada; married 18 Oct. 1915 in Rupert, Idaho, to WILLIAM CLAUDE McHENRY (born 2 May 1889 in Benkelman, Nebraska; died 1 Oct. 1961 in Salt Lake City, Utah; son of Charles William McHenry and Clarissa Melissa Hardin) and had children:

1858. WILLIAM CLAUDE McHENRY born 11 Oct. 1916 in Rupert, Idaho; married (1) 12 Feb. 1937 to JANICE NELSON and had children born in Salt Lake City, Utah: Carole Melissa McHenry born 5 Dec. 1937; William Ellis McHenry born 28 Dec. 1938. Carole Melissa McHenry married 10 June 1956 to Billie Richard Watson and had children: David Wayne Watson born 21 April 1957; Tommy Ray Watson born 25 Nov. 1958.
William C. McHenry married (2) 5 Jan. 1945 to NADA ELEANOR RIDDLE (born 31 May 1923; died 26 Dec. 1961; dau of Guy Riddle).
1859. MARGARET IONE McHENRY born 1 July 1920 in Albany, Missouri; married 19 April 1939 in Elko, Nevada, to JACK JOSEPH ANDREWS (born 22 Dec. 1916 in Ogden, Utah; son of Joseph William Andrews and Elizabeth Wuthrich) and had children: Jack Joseph Andrews born 3 May 1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah; William McHenry Andrews born 22 June 1941 in Salt Lake City, Utah; Margaret Nada Rachel Andrews born 25 March 1947 in Ogden, Utah; Bradford Vaughn Andrews born 22 Jan. 1949 in Oak Harbor Island, Washington.

Margaret Leona Workman McHenry became interested in family history after her retirement and gathered the records of her father's descendants, submitting them for inclusion in this record in 1957-58.

1797. ALICE JANE WORKMAN, dau of James Thomas Workman303 (Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Lucy Grice; born 24 Dec. 1870 in Farmington, Utah; married 16 Dec. 1891 at Parker, Idaho, to WILLIS LEROY WINEGAR (born 19 Oct. 1869 in Parley's Canyon, Utah; died 5 Sept. 1942 in Salt Lake City, Utah; buried in Jackson, Wyoming; son of Stephen Winegar and Lois Smith) and had children:

1860. ALICE LAVERN WINEGAR born 11 Nov. 1892 in Egin Ranch, Fremont, Idaho; married MARSHALL McOMBER.
1861. WILLIS ORLAND WINEGAR born 15 Feb. 1894 in Egin Ranch, Idaho; married GRACE WILSON.
1862. IRETA WINEGAR born 2 Sept. 1895 in Egin Ranch, Idaho; died 2 Jan. 1919; married CLAY SEATON.
1863. GEORGE LEONARD WINEGAR born 26 April 1897 at Egin Ranch, Idaho; married MAUD WILSON.
1864. LUCY LOIS WINEGAR born 22 June 1899 at Egin Ranch, Idaho; died 23 June 1899.
1865. GRACE WINEGAR born 15 Feb. 1902 at Egin Ranch, Idaho; married LEO McOMBER.
1866. JOSEPHINE ELNORA WINEGAR born 27 July 1904 in Egin Ranch, Idaho; married LLOYD BRENENSTALL.
1867. THOMAS BENJAMIN WINEGAR born 4 Dec. 1908 in Marysville, Fremont, Idaho; died 16 March 1935.
1868. KATIE JANET WINEGAR born 4 Feb. 1911 in Jackson, Idaho; married 8 Sept. 1933 to HAGGARD T. KINNE.

Alice Jane Workman assisted in the organization of the Workman family in 1920; acted on the organizing committee and served for many years as vice president representing her father's family.

1798. GEORGE ALBERT WORKMAN, son of James Thomas Workman (Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Lucy Grice; born 1 July 1873 at Farmington, Utah; died 8 Dec. 1934 in Parker, Idaho; married EMMA MAY FLINT (born 18 Aug. 1879 in Morgan, Utah; died 27 Nov. 1918 in Parker, Idaho; dau of William Leonard Flint and Keturah Grover) and had children besides a baby that died at birth:

1869. LEONA MAY WORKMAN born 4 March 1900 in Parker, Idaho; married 1 June 1918 to EMMETT HUNTER.
1870. BERTHA VIOLA WORKMAN born 7 July 1901 in Parker, Idaho; married 6 April 1922 to LINFORD LUCAS RUDD (born 24 May 1900 in Parker, Idaho; died in 1959; son of Joseph Sidney Rudd and Vilate Eliza Lucas) and had children: Kent Rudd; Gerald Rudd; Doris Rudd who married Melvin Call; Donna Rudd.
*1871. WILLIAM LELAND WORKMAN born 7 July 1903 in Parker, Idaho; died 13 Aug. 1934.

1871. WILLIAM LELAND WORKMAN, son of George Albert Workman1798 (James Thomas303 Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Emma May Flint; born 7 July 1903 in Parker, Idaho; died 13 Aug. 1934 in St. Anthony, Idaho; buried at Parker, Idaho; married 23 July 1923 to SARAH McARTHUR (born 11 April 1904 in Wilford, Idaho; dau of Joseph Stephen McArthur and Charlotte Moore) and had children:

1872. ROBERT LELAND WORKMAN born 30 May 1924 in St. Anthony, Idaho; married 5 Feb. 1943 to MARJIE HENDERSON (born 13 March 1923 in St. Anthony, Idaho; dau of Ernest Henderson and Emma Murri) and had children: Pamela Lee Workman born 10 April 1944 in St. Anthony, Idaho; Lee Ann Workman born 11 Nov. 1947 in Ogden, Utah; William Leland Workman. born 10 July 1950 in Boise, Idaho; Marcie Lyn Workman born 27 Dec. 1958 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
1873. BEVERLY MAY WORKMAN born 27 Oct. 1925 in St. Anthony, Idaho; married 5 Feb. 1949 to EDWARD STAUFFER (of Ontario, Oregon) but divorced. There was one stillborn baby.
1874. WILLIAM EARL WORKMAN born 25 June 1927 in Parker, Idaho; married 29 Aug. 1949 to MELVA MURRI (born 7 Nov. 1926 in St. Anthony, Idaho; dau of John Henry Murri and Millie Jane Larsen) and had children: Debra Kay Workman born 5 April 1953 in Burley, Idaho; William John Workman born 6 Sept. 1956 in Seattle, Washington.

1799. JOSEPH MULLENDER WORKMAN, son of James Thomas Workman303 (Jacob L.284 John74 Jacob6 Abraham1) and Lucy Grice; born 10 Oct. 1875 in Farmington, Utah; died in 195- in Cardston, Canada; married 11 Nov. 1898 to CAROLINE RICE (born 31 July 1882 in Georgetown, Idaho; she later married 2nd Judge Miller of Parker, Idaho.) To Joseph and Caroline were born:

1875. LA VEDA CAROLINE WORKMAN born 28 March 1902 in Parker, Idaho; married 22 June 1929 to STANLEY STARK GIBB. She submitted the family record.
1876. LEONARD RICE WORKMAN born 3 Sept. 1903 in Parker, Idaho; married 14 Nov. 1924 to WINNIE MAY PETERSON.
1877. JOSEPH RUSSEL WORKMAN born 15 Sept. 1905 in Claresholm, Alberta, Canada; married MYRTLE REDFORD.
1878. THOMAS LLOYD WORKMAN born 19 Feb. 1908 in Claresholm, Canada.
1879. GEORGE HAYDEN WORKMAN born 2 Oct. 1912 in Claresholm, Canada.

(p. 244 is photographs)

Family of Jacob Reader Workman and Mary Amity Johnston Workman. Front row, left to right - Amy Rosetta Workman Griffin, Lois Ann Workman Trim, Jacob Reader Workman, Joseph Nimrod Workman, Maria Amity Johnson Workman, Vernal Ambrose Workman. Top row, left to right - Don Alma Workman, William James Workman, Dee Albert Workman, Gilbert Van Workman, Josephine Workman Andrews.