The closeness of the Workman and Bilyeu families and the rate at which they intermarried justifies a detour to give the background of the Bilyeu family. With a similar origin, following the same patterns of movement, naming their children much the same and with the same high ideals, it was inevitable that these two families should become inseparably entwined. The name itself has gone through the same sort of metamorphosis, gradually emerging from the jumble created by scribes interpreting foreign sounds into a new language to the present forms. From the original Billiou of France it appears as Bilyou, Biljou, Bilyon, Billoo, Bellew, Ballou, Blue and others. However, the direct lines tended to standardize at the present form, Bilyeu.

1B. THOMAS BILLIOU of LaBassee, or Wicres, in "French Flanders," married AIME ---------------and had at least two children:


2B. PIERRE (PETER) BILLIOU, son of Thomas Bilyeu 1B , was baptized about 1625 at La Bassee, or Wicres, in "French Flanders" (actually Belgian territory which was then in the possession of the King of Spain but which afterwards became a part of Artois, France.) As a result of the persecution of the Walloons (French Huguenots of the early 17th century) Pierre eventually went to Leyden, Holland, where he was married 20 April 1649 in the Walloon church to FRANCOISE DU BOIS23B (dau of Christian Du Bois22B Pierre registering as being of Lille, France, and she from Reims (Rheims) France.

At least four of the five children that were born to this couple in Holland were baptized in the Walloon church in Leyden before the family embarked at Amsterdam in the ship St. Jan Baptist, 9 May 1661. They arrived in New York (then known as New Amsterdam) 6 Aug. 1661. On Aug. 22 that year Pierre, with eighteen associates, petitioned the Governor of the Province to grant them land upon which to settle on Staten Island. A majority of the petitioners later dropped out, but Billiou persevered and eventually settled there. It was he who succeeded in pacifying the Indians where others had failed and it was he who, with the assistance of the Government's surveyor, laid out the first Staten Island town. He was later appointed judicial officer of the first court, established 28 Jan. 1664; was a delegate to the General Assembly in Manhattan 10 April 1664; was appointed a Lieutenant of Militia, 14 May 1669; and was, on Aug. 25, 1673, elected Schout and Schepen (sheriff and, magistrate) during the Dutch reoccupation.

Pierre Billiou's will, dated 11 Sept. 1699, was proved in Staten Island in 1702. His children were:
4B. MARIA BILLIOU baptized 3 March 1650 in Leyden, Holland; came to America with her uncle, Louis Du Bois24B; died before 1699 in New York; married 3 June 1670 at Wiltwyck, Kingston, New York, to ARENDT JANSEN PRALL born 1647 in Naerden, Holland; died 1725 in Staten
Island, New York; he married 2nd about 1704 to Madlenor---------------) To Maria and Arendt were born: Peter Prall born about 1671; Arendt Prall born about 1673; Barneck Prall born about 1675, married (1) Oreck Hopper and (2) Stofel Christopher; Mary Prall born about 1677, married Johannas Le Compt; Fances Prall born about 1680, married Charles Morgan.
*5B. MARTHA BILLIOU (BELLOW, BELYEU) chr 3 Feb. 1652 in Leyden, Holland; died in 1736.
6B. CATHERINE BILLIOU born 1654 in Leyden, Holland; died in 1733; married in 1678 to RICHARD CURTIS (of Richard Co., N. Y.; died 12 April 1703) and had children: Richard Curtis born 25 May 1679 in Flatbush, N. Y.; John Curtis born about 1680; Joshua Curtis born about 1682; Samuel Curtis born about 1684; Isaac Curtis born about 1686.
7B. FRANCES BILLIOU born 1655 in Leyden, Holland; died before 1700; married (1) NICHOLAS LARZALIER (LARGILLIERE) and had a son: Nicholas Largilliere, Jr. Frances married (2) about 1675 to JOHN MORGAN (born 1653; son of Charles Morgan and Catherine Hugberts.)
8B. CHRISTINA (CHRETIENNE) BILLIOU born in 1658 in Leyden, Holland; married in 1678 to ABRAHAM MARLET (who died 1714 in Piscataway, New Jersey) and had children: Margaret Marlet chr 31 March 1678 in Long Island, Kings, New York; Jannetje Marlet chr 18 May 1679 in Flatbush, N. Y.; Abraham Marlet chr 16 May 1680 in New Utrecht, N. Y; Dick (Richard) Marlet chr 27 Oct. 1708 in Raritan, New Jersey.
*9B. ISAAC BILLIOU (Balliou) born at sea; chr 10 Aug. 1661 in New York; died before 1 Sept. 1708.
*10B. JACOB BILLIOU born 1663 in Staten Island, New York.
11B. PETER (PIERRE) BILLIOU, Jr. baptized 6 June 1668 in Staten Island, N. Y.; died in 1698.
12B. JOHN BILLIOU born about 1670; died an infant in New York or Staten Island.

Pierre Billiou married (2) MRS. GERRITJE LAMBERTS SPIEGELAER (widow of Jan Spiegelaer.) They entered in an antenuptial agreement 17 Jan. 1695/6. In later years Pierre owned property in New Jersey as well as on Staten Island and, as seen above, his children began moving to Somerset County, around Raritan, the stronghold of the Workmans.

2B. ABIGAIL BALLIOU (BALLION, BILYEU) born in France, dau, of Thomas Billiou 1B and Aime ..................; married 22 Oct. 1622 in Leyden, Holland, to JOHN DUNHAM (born 1589 in Nottinghamshire, England; living at the time of his marriage in Zevenhuysen, Holland; came to America some time before 1681 and was an elder in the church under William Brewster.) Abigail's marriage was witnessed by her father, Thomas Billiou and a sister Anna (not previously mentioned) who was married 28 May 1624 in Holland to Nathaniel Walker.

John Dunham was married (1) to Susanna Keno (Kenny) probably in England. Some records say that he had three children by this marriage before his wife died some time before 1622.

The children of Abigail Billiou and John Dunham were:

13B. SAMUEL DUNHAM born 1624 in Leyden, Holland; married 29 June 1649 to MARTHA FALLOWELL.
14B. ABIGAIL DUNHAM born about 1626 in Leyden, Holland; married STEPHEN ATWOOD.
15B. HANNAH DUNHAM born 1630 in Leyden, Holland; married GILES RICHARD, Jr.
16B. REV. JONATHAN DUNHAM born about 1632 in Plymouth, Mass; married (1) MARY DELANO and (2) MARY COBBS. Jonathan was a noted preacher and minister of the early colony.
17B. PERSIS DUNHAM born about 1635 in Plymouth, Mass; married (1) BENJAH PRATT and (2) JONAH SHAW.
18B. JOSEPH DUNHAM born. about 1636 in Plymouth, Mass; married (1) MARY MARTIN and (2) HESTER WORNELL.
19B. BENJAMIN DUNHAM born about 1637 in Plymouth, Mass; married 25 Oct. 1660 to MARY TILSON.
20B. DANIEL DUNHAM born about 1639 in Plymouth, Mass; married in 1670 to MEHITABLE HAYWOOD.
21B. BENAJAH DUNHAM born about 1640 in Plymouth, Mass; married 25 Oct. 1660 to ELIZABETH TILSON.

22B. CHRISTIAN DU BOIS of Rheims, France probably did not leave France when the Huguenots were being persecuted. However, he had three children who did.

*23B. FRANCOISE DU BOIS went to Leyden, Holland, and married PIERRE BILYEU2B.
*24B. LOUIS DU BOIS went first to Mannheim, Germany.
25B. JACQUES (JOENS) DU BOIS went to Mannheim, Germany, seeking freedom from religious persecution.

24B. LOUIS DU BOIS, born in France, probably near Rheims; left there because of the persecutions of the French Huguenots and went first to Mannheim, Germany, where he met and was married 10 Oct. 1655 to CATHERINE BLANCHAN (who died about 1770 in Kingston, New York; dau of Mathew Blanchan, also a French Huguenot refugee.) The couple later migrated to Holland where they took passage for America. Their children were:

26B. ABRAHAM DU BOIS born 26 Dec. 1657 in Mannheim, Germany, died 17 Oct. 1731; married 6 March 1681 to MARGARET DEYO (dau of Christian Deyo who also came to America.)
27B. ISAAC DU BOIS born 1659 in Germany; died 28 Jan. 1690 aged 31; married MARIA HASBROUCK (born in Germany).
28B. JACOB DU BOIS born 1660 in Germany; married MARIA CORDES.
29B. DAVID DU BOIS born about 1662 in Kingston, New York; married in 1689 to CORNELIA VARNOYE.
30B. SARAH DU BOIS born about 1664; married in 1682 to JOOST JANSEN.
31B. LOUIS DU BOIS born about 1666 in Hurley, N. Y.; died in 1745; married 8 March 1689 to ELIZABETH VARNOYE; married (2) GERRITJE GARRITSON.
32B. SOLOMON DU BOIS born 1669 in Kingston, N. Y.; died Feb. 1759 aged 90 years; married about 1692 to TRYNTJE G. GERRETSEN.
33B. REBECCA DU BOIS born about 1671 in Kingston, New York.
34B. MARGURITTA DU BOIS born in Kingston, New York.
35B. RACHEL DU BOIS born about 1675 in Kingston, New York; died young.
36B. MARIA DU BOIS born in Kingston, New York.
37B. MADELIN DU BOIS born in Kingston, New York.

5B. MARTHA BILLIOU, dau of Pierre Billiou2B (Thomas1B) and Francoise Du Bois23B; christened 3 Feb. 1652 in Leyden, Holland; died in 1736; married (1) 18 Jan. 1670 at Graves End, New York, to CAPT. THOMAS STILLWELL (christened 9 July 1651 in New Amsterdam, New York; died 1704-5 in New York; son of Nicholas and Ann Stillwell) and had children:

38B. FRANCES STILLWELL born about 1671; married NICHOLAS BRITTON (born 1679; died in 1740; son of William and Mary Britton) and had children: Nathaniel Britton who married and had children but died before his parents did; Martha Britton who married Samuel Moor; Rachel Britton who married Thomas Donigan.
Nicholas Britton purchased the other shares of the Stillwell estate, owning it in its entirety. It subsequently became the property of Thomas Donigan.
*39B. ANN STILLWELL born about 1673; married (1) SAMUEL VAN PELT; (2) JACOB BILLIOU10B.
40B. SON born about 1676; died before 1704-5.
41B. RACHEL STILLWELL who married Mr. BRITTON (son of William and Mary Britton.)

9B. ISAAC BILLIOU, son of Pierre Billiou 2B (Thomas 1B) and Francoise Du Bois 23B; born 1661 while crossing the Atlantic Ocean; christened 10 Aug. 1661 in Long Island, New York, four days after arriving; died before Sept. 1708; married 2 Nov. 1684 in New Jersey to IDA SUEBERINGH (of Long Island, New York; dau of Jan or John Sueberingh and Adriana Polhemus) and had children:

42B. JACOB BILYEU born about 1685/6 in New York; died in 1747 in Philadelphia, Pa.
43B. JOHN BILYEU (BALLIOU) born 1688; will proved 7 Oct. 1758 in Morris Co., New Jersey; married JANE RAMBOUT (dau of Elias and Elsie Rambout) and had a son: Isaac Bilyeu. John Bilyeu married (2) RUTH ...................
*44B. PETER BILYEU (BALLIOU) born 1690 in Staten Island, New York.
45B. FRANCES BALLIOU (BILYEU) born about 1692 in Staten Island, New York.
46B. ARIANTIE BILYEU (BALLIOU) born about 1694 in Staten Island, New York.
47B. LUKAS (LUCUS) BILYEU, twin, born 1 Sept. 1708 in Staten Island, New York; married 1727/8 in Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey to BARBARA JOHNSTON (born 21 April 1702 in Raritan, Somerset, N. J.; died after 1752; dau of Auken Jansen Johnston and Catherine; she married first in 1720 to John Harrison who was born in 1699 and died in 1727.) To Lukas and Barbara were born in Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey: Mareya Bilyeu chr 28 March 1732; Kateleyna Bilyeu chr 19 Jan. 1734; Lucus (Lukas) Bilyeu chr 13 Feb. 1736, died an infant; Lucus (Lukus) Bilyeu chr 12 Nov. 1738; Isaac Bilyeu chr 20 April 1740; Cornelious Bilyeu chr 23 Aug. 1741, married Margoritie ииииии; Daniel Bilyeu chr 31 July 1743; Marya Bilyeu chr 9 Feb. 1746; Sarah Bilyeu chr 1748.
48B. DANIEL BILYEU (BALLIOU), twin, born 1 Sept. 1708 in Staten Island, New York; married (1) SARAH -------------------(who was killed by lightning) and had children born in Bucks Co., Pa: Isaac Bilyeu born 25 Oct. 1734; Sarah Bilyeu born 20 April 1735; Daniel Bilyeu born 6 Nov. 1737; married 9 Jan. 1768 to Rebecca Van Sant; Eva Bilyeu and Marya Bilyeu, twins, born 5 June 1743; Jacob Bilyeu born 1745, married 13 Feb. 1772 to Elizabeth Jones.
Daniel Bilyeu married (2) 22 Dec. 1767 to PRICILLA WOOD.
Lucus and Daniel Bilyeu were born after the death of their father. They both grew to manhood and while young went with their older brother Jacob to Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. Lucus returned to New Jersey but Daniel remained in Pennsylvania. Through Daniel's descendants the name of Boilean came into existence. The rest of the family couldn't understand why the children should want to change the name as it had come from one of the noble houses of Europe, appearing in Normandy during the time of William the Conqueror as Billiu-Bois.

44B. PETER BILYEU (BALLIOU) son of Isaac Bilyeu 9B (Pierre 2B Thomas 1B) and Ida Sueberingh; born in 1690 in Staten Island, New York; his will, dated 25 Jan. 1810, was proved in 1811; married MARRYA or MARAGRIETJE ---------------- and had children born in New Jersey:

49B. KENDRICK (HENDRICK) BILLIOU christened at Six Mile Run Church, New Jersey.

(Note: a "Run" is a small creek, the term being used extensively in the eastern states.)
50B. PETER BILLIOU born 20 Nov. 1731.
51B. EURYDA BILLIOU born 19 Jan. 1734.
52B. ABRAHAM BILLIOU born 1736.
53B. HETTIE BILLIOU born 1738.
54B. STINTYE BILLIOU born about 1740.
*55B. JOHN BILLIOU baptized 9 Jan. 1743 at Six Mile Run Church, N. J.
56B. AELTJE BILLIOU born about 1748.
57B. JOHANNES BILLIOU born about 1750.

55B. JOHN BILLIOU, son of Peter Bilyeu44B (Isaac9B Pierre 2B Thomas 1B) and Marrya; christened 9 Jan. 1743 at Six Mile Run Church, New Jersey; married TRYNTJE ---------------- and had children:

*58B. JOHN BILYEU born about 1760 at Six Mile Run, New Jersey.
59B. MARIYA BILYEU born 10 July 1763 in New Jersey; moved to Maryland.
60B. HENDRICK BILYEU born 22 April 1765 in New Jersey; moved to Maryland.
61B. ATYE BILYEU born 29 Jan. 1769 in New Jersey; moved to Maryland.
62B. AALTE BILYEU born 6 Dec. 1773 in New Jersey; moved to Maryland.
*63B. PETER BILYEU born 1777 in Allegany Co., Maryland; died 7 July 1863 in Christian Co., Ill.
Note the move of the family from New Jersey to Maryland sometime between 1773-1777.

58B. JOHN BILYEU, son of John Billiou55B (Peter44B, Isaac9B Pierre2B ThomaslB) and Tryntje ---------------- ; born about 1760 at Six Mile Run, New Jersey; moved with the family to Maryland. When he was grown he left there and went to Kentucky. He is found in the Kentucky census of 1790, again in 1800, but by 1810 he had moved to Tennessee. John may have married before leaving Maryland or he may not have married until he arrived in Kentucky. His children were all born in Green Co., Kentucky, and were:

*64B. JOHN BILYEU, JR. born 1785.
*65B. HANNAH BILYEU born 1787; married BENJAMIN WORKMAN72.
Families of Workman marriages will be found in the Workman sections.
66B. PETER BILYEU born 1789.
67B. OLIVER BILYEU born 1791.
*68B. LYDIA BILYEU born 18 Aug. 1793; married JOHN WORKMAN74.
69B. NANCY BILYEU born 1795.
*70B. ISAAC BILYEU born 1799; married MARY WORKMAN73.

64B. JOHN BILYEU Jr., son of John Billiou55B {Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B Thomas 1B) born 1785 in Green Co., Kentucky; married NANCY ----------- (born 1787; living in Tennessee in 1820 when the census was taken) and had children:

71B. CYRUS BILYEU born 1805 in Green Co., Kentucky.
72B. BENJAMIN WORKMAN born in 1815 in Kentucky or Tennessee.
*73B. JESSIE BILYEU born 6 Nov. 1818 in Tennessee; died 6 Oct. 1900. There were other children but they were not listed in the 1820 census.

73B. JESSIE BILYEU, son of John Bilyeu64B (John58B John55B Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre 2B ThomasIB) and Nancy ----------; born 6 Nov. 1818 in Tennessee; died 6 Oct. 1900 in Logan Co., Kentucky; buried in Kedron Cemetery, north of Russellville, Ky; married LAURANIE PETERMAN (born 1825; died 1 May 1891 in Logan Co., Ky; dau. of Jake Peterman) and had children:

*74B. JASPER BILYEU born, 12 Feb. 1841 in Tennessee; died 16 Oct. 1912.
75B. ELIZABETH BILYEU born in Overton Co., Tenn; died 25 Dec. 1915; married TOM FLEMING.
76B. WILLIAM (BUD) BILYEU born 12 July 1845 in Tennessee; died 6 Sept. 1924 in Logan Co., Ky; buried in Bilyeu Cemetery near Russellville, Ky; married SARAH E: (BETTY) WATKINS (born 21 Oct. 1850; died 4 Sept. 1888 near Russellville, Ky.) and had children: Jacob M. Bilyeu born 23 Nov. 1868, died 1926; Pleasant Bilyeu born 5 Jan. 1872; Mecagor Bilyeu born 14 Aug. 1875, died 5 Oct. 1900; Verdie Bilyeu born 11 May 1877, died 30 April 1897; Gracie Bilyeu born 25 Feb. 1880, died 7 Aug. 1900, married 10 Sept. 1902 to James Rufus Hinchee; James H. Bilyeu born 8 Nov. 1882; Ebb Bilyeu born 27 Dec. 1885, married 12 June 1912 to Ive Burke. (Information from family bible of Ebb Bilyeu.)
*77B. JACOB BILYEU born 30 March 1846 in Illinois; died 1 Aug. 1925.
*78B. PLEASANT BILYEU born 12 Jan. 1850 in Livington, Overton, Tenn; died 13 Oct. 1933.
79B. LANDON BILYEU born 15 Feb. 1853 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 28 May 1915; married 12 Dec. 1877 to BELLE WHALEY (born 17 Jan. 1862

(Note: pp. 48-51 are Bilyeu Family Photographs)

Jessie Bilyeu, Lauranie Peterman Bilyeu

Top row, left to right - William (Bud) Bilyeu, Jasper (90 years old), Pleasant Bilyeu. Lower row, left to right - James Douglas Bilyeu, Lillian Bilyeu baby. Lower left - Jacob Bilyeu, Phelps Bilyeu. Center - Mary Bilyeu Simmon, Peter Bilyeu (right).

Top picture, left to right - Uva Bilyeu Smotherman, William B. Smotherman, Betty Bilyeu Davis, Belle Whaley Bilyeu (mother). Cousin (not identified). Right - Lillian Bilyeu Banchi, John J. Banchi. Lower picture - mother Belle Whaley Bilyeu and other members of the family.

Jasper Bilyeu and Nancy Workman Bilyeu family. Center row, left to right - Peter Bilyeu, Jasper Bilyeu, Nancy Workman Bilyeu, Samuel M. Workman (son of Nancy Workman and Samuel Workman). Back row, left to right - Ollie Bilyeu, Alvin Bilyeu. Front row, left to right - Cora Bilyeu, Luther Bilyeu, Ora Bilyeu.

in New Harmony, Indiana; died 21 May 1959 in Oakville, Logan, Ky; dau of William Whaley and Mary Simmons) and had children: Hezzie Bilyeu born 10 Dec. 1882 in Halo, Logan, Ky., died 13 Nov. 1918, married 29 July 1903 to Bertha Lee Robertson; Uva Bilyeu. born 17 Feb. 1886 in Coopertown, Logan, Ky., married 20 March 1901 to Willie B. Smotherman.
80B. MAHALIE JANE (DOLL) BILYEU born 21 Sept. 1855; died 16 Dec. 1945; married JAMES ERVIN SAVAGE (born 7 Sept. 1851 in Overton Co., Tenn; died 1 Jan. 1939 in Logan Co., Ky.) and had children born in Russellville, Logan, Ky; William Ira Savage born 1 Oct. 1876, died 24 Feb. 1951, married 4 Oct. 1904 to Emma Fleming; Sidney A. Savage born 13 Sept. 1878, died 10 Sept. 1958, married 21 July 1901 to Bessie Robertson.
81B. PHELPS (SEB) BILYEU born 15 Nov. 1857 in Tenn; died 8 Nov. 1938; married FLORINTHA GATES (dau of Jake Gates) and had a son: Winn Bilyeu born 15 March 1884 in. Logan Co., Ky, married Cordelia Ann Smotherman.
82B., LEE ANN BILYEU born 9 May 1860 in Illinois; died 28 Dec. 1929; married in 1877 in -Springfield, Tenn., to DUDLEY LEE DAVIS (born 10 April 1860 in Russellville, Logan, Ky; died 3 March 1926 in Russellville, Ky; son of Robert G. Davis and Lucy E. Simmons) and had children born in Russellville, Logan, Ky: Ella Davis born 30 Oct. 1879, died 5 March 1911, married Willis Larman; Thomas Frazier. Davis born 1884, died 6 March 1903 unmarried; Hettye Davis born 5 Dec. 1887, married Luther C. Graham.
83B. MARY BILYEU born 1862; died 1949; married EDWARD SIMMONS.
84B. BENJAMIN LINCOLN BILYEU born 25 July 1865 in Illinois; died 26 May 1937 in Logan Co., Ky; married 1 Feb. 1893 in Logan Co., Ky., to BELL MOSS (born 12 June 1875 in Edmonson Co., Ky., died. 3 Feb. 1938 in Logan Co., Ky; dau of Tom Moss and Molly Edmonson) and had children born in Logan Co., Ky: Elva Susie Bilyeu, born 15 June 1894, married 28 May 1911 to Duff P. Smotherman; Ira Lewis Bilyeu born 24 June 1900, married 15 April 1921 to Lizzie E11en Williams; Wayne Eddy Bilyeu, born 28 Nov. 1902, died 16 Aug. 1957, married 26 Dec. 1936 to Mary Irene Nolon; J. T. Bilyeu born 6 June 1911, married 22 July 1950 to Dora Lee Knight.

74B. JASPER BILYEU, son of Jessie Bilyeu73B (John 64B John58B John55B Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B Thomas1B) and Lauranie Peterman; born 12 Feb. 1841 in Tennessee; died 16 Oct. 1912 in Russellville, Ky; married 20 Aug. 1863 in Sangamon Co., Ill., to NANCY WORKMAN 1422 (born 27 July 1844 in Sangamon Co., Ill.; died 12 Jan. 1911 in Winfield, Kansas; dau of Simon Peter Workman 1411 and Sarah Jane Taylor. Nancy was married first to Samuel Workman who died in the Civil War and had a son Samuel M. Workman born 17 March 1862. See her record.) Jasper Bilyeu and Nancy Workman were the parents of:

85B. LAURANIE BILYEU born 10 Oct. 1864 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 25 Aug. 1866.
86B. GEORGE BILYETJ born 26 Dec. 1866 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 16 April 1874.
87B. ALVIN BILYEU born 10 Feb. 1869 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 8 July 1950.
88B. JESSE BILYEU born 12 Jan. 1871 in Sangamon Co., I11; died 9 June 1871.
89B. PETER H. BILYEU born 2 July 1872 in Sangamon Co., I11; died 1 Oct. 1956; married 19 Aug. 1896 to MARTHA ELIZABETH PERRY.
90B. JASPER BILYEU born 8 April 1874 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 13 July 1874.
91B. NANCY BILYEU born 23 April 1875 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 21 Feb. 1876.
92B. OLLIE BILYEU born 26 Nov. 1876 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 3 Jan. 1957.
93B. THOMAS J. BILYEU born 17 Feb. 1879 in Logan Co., Ky; died 19 Jan. 1957.
94B. ORA (LAURA) BILYEU born 6 Jan. 1881 in Logan Co., Ky; died 10 June 1960; married 12 June 1909.
95B. CORA BILYEU born 30 Aug. 1883 in Logan Co., Ky; died in April 1955; married 16 Sept. 1902 to HENRY CRAIG.
96B. LUTHER BILYEU born 24 Oct. 1886 in Logan Co., Ky; died 1960; married 15 Nov. 1905 to KATIE GESSLER.

77B. JACOB (JAKE) BILYEU, son of Jessie Bilyeu 73B (John64B John58B John55B Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B Thomas1B) and Lauranie Peterman; born 30 March 1846; died 1 Aug. 1925 in Halo, Logan Co., Ky; married 29 Oct. 1867 to MARY MARGARET GATES (born 22 Aug. 1851 in Celina Co., Tenn; died 6 Aug. 1928 in Logan Co, Ky; dau of Jake Gates) and had children born in Logan Co., Ky:

97B. ALICE BILYEU born 21 Aug .1870; died 18 Feb. 1940; married FRANK PIERCE.
98B. JASPER BILYEU born 4 July 1872; died 23 March 1959, unmarried.
99B. JAMES DOUGLAS BILYEU born 26 March 1874; died 22 April 1951; married 31 Dec. 1906 to ALMA LILLIAN ROBERTSON (born 6 Oct. 1889 in Adairville, Logan, Ky; dau of Charles Thomas Robertson and Amanda America Eddy) and had a dau: Lillian Bilyeu born 3 Feb. 1910 in Coopertown Logan, Ky., who married 16 Dec. 1949 to John Joseph Banchi.
100B. HAYDEN BILYEU born 30 Jan. 1876; died 2 July 1925; married 11 Jan. 1898 to ODA McENDREE.
101B. IVY BILYEU born 1 March 1884; died 1 Nov. 1948; married OSCAR LEE SIMMONS.

78B. PLEASANT BILYEU, son of Jessie Bilyeu73B (John64B John11B John55B Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B Thomas1B) and Lauranie Peterman; born 12 Jan. 1850 in Livingston, Overton, Tenn; died 13 Oct. 1933 in Walker, Mo; married 21 Dec. 1871 in Russellville, Ky., to JULIA CATHERINE SIMMONS (born 22 Jan. 1851 in Russellville, Ky; died 25 April 1947 in Walker, Mo; dau of Sam Simmons and Jane Davis) and had children born in Russellville, Logan, Ky:

102B LON A. BILYEU born 25 Dec. 1872; married 22 March 1894 to EMMA VIRGINIA COPENHAVEN.
103B. DENNEY VARA BILYEU born 22 March 1874; died March 1936; married May 1894 to JAMES MARSHALL COPENHAVEN.
104B. MALLIE VELL BILYEU born 28 Aug. 1878; married 25 Oct. 1898 to WILLIAM H. STURGIS.
105B. MAUT VERNA BILYEU born 7 April 1881; died 10 June 1945; married 2 Feb. 1905 to Blanch Tarbet.
106B. IDA JEFFREY BILYEU born 31 Jan. 1889; married DELBERT MILLER.

63B. PETER BILYEU, son of John Billiou55B (Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B Thomas1B) and Tryntje --------------- ; born in 1777 in Allegany Co., Maryland; died 7 July 1863 in Christian Co., Ill; married in Green Co., Kentucky, to DIANA BLACKWELL (born about 1779; died Sept. 1865 in Christian Co., Ill.) Their children, besides two infants who died at birth, were:

*107B. SARAH BILYEU born 26 Nov. 1801 in Green Co., Ky; died 13 Nov. 1888; married WILLIAM WORKMAN77. See his record.
108B. JOHN H. BILYEU born 3 Nov. 1803 in Green Co., Ky; died 15 May 1867; married ELIZABETH WORKMAN285. See her record.
*109B. LYDIA BILYEU born 10 April 1805 in Overton Co., Tenn; died 26 Nov. 1866 in Sangamon Co., Ill; married DAVID WORKMAN80. See his record.
110B. NANCY BILYEU born 1807 in Overton Co., Tenn; married JACOB TEEPLES and moved to Missouri.
111B. ISAAC BILYEU born 1809 in Overton Co., Tenn; married POLLY BILYEU.
112B. ELIZABETH BILYEU born 1814 in Overton Co., Tenn; married RICHARD BILYEU.
*113B. GEORGE BILYEU born 12 Dec. 1815 in Overton Co., Tenn; died 18 March 1895; married ELIZABETH WORKMAN1570. See her record.
114B. MARY (POLLY) BILYEU born 1817 in Overton Co., Tenn; married JAMES McMULLEN.
*115B. DIANA (DICIE) BILYEU born 6 April 1822-3 in Overton Co., Tenn; died 4 March 1881 in Illinois; married (1) THOMAS GREENING; (2) STEPHEN WORKMAN1566. See his record.
116B. HANNAH BILYEU born 1829 in Tennessee; married JOHN WYCKOFF.
*117B. CYNTHIA (SYMANTHA) BILYEU born 29 Aug. 1827 in Overton Co., Tenn; died 7 Feb. 1906;
118B. MINERVA BILYEU born 1829 in Overton Co., Tenn; married ROBERT FOWLER.

The association and mutual respect of the John Workman and Bilyeu families was such that the two were to become pretty much as one. Just when Peter Bilyeu migrated from Maryland to Kentucky is not known, although his brother John appears in the census records as early as 1790. It was probably some time later that Peter made the move. He and John Workman74 were no doubt friends while in Maryland and it is likely that it was letters from Peter that induced John Workman and the rest of the Workman family to move to the southern state.

Although their children were all born in Kentucky and Tennessee, the Bilyeu family answered the call of the west, migrating to Illinois about the same time that the John Workman family did. They settled and lived in Sangamon, Christian and Shelby Counties. About three miles west of Moweaqua, Shelby, Ill., is the Bilyeu Cemetery where many of these people and their descendants are buried.

117B. CYNTHIA (SYMANTHA) BILYEU, dau of Peter Bilyeu63B (John55B Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B Thomas1B) and Diana Blackwell; born 29 Aug. 1827 in Overton Co., Tenn; died 7 Feb. 1906 in Curran Twp., Sangamon, Ill; married 28 Jan. 1847 in Loami Twp., Sangamon, Ill., to LEVI HARBOUR (born 11 March 1827 in Chatham, Sangamom, Ill; died 3 Jan. 1899 in Loami Twp., Sangamon, Ill.) and had children:

*119B. ANNA HARBOUR born 24 Dec. 1847 in Loami, Sangamon, I11; died 15 June 1898 in Loami, Ill; married 4 March 1867 in Sangamon Co., Ill., to SAMUEL M. WORKMAN1421. See his record.
*120B. SAMUEL HARBOUR born 11 Nov. 1849 in Auburn Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died in 1917 in Loami Twp., Sangamon, Ill; married MARY E. WORKMAN1425. See her record.
*121B. PETER HARBOUR born 4 Oct. 1851 in Auburn. Twp., Sangamon, Ill died 22 Dec. 1923 in Curran Twp., Sangamon, Ill; married SALLY WORKMAN1529. See her record.
*122B. MARY JANE HARBOUR born 15 Dec. 1853 in Auburn Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died 3 April 1890.
*123B. NANCY HARBOUR born 13 Dec. 1853 in Auburn Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died 21 Feb. 1883 in Loami Twp., Sangamon, Ill; married JACOB H. WORKMAN1455. See his record.
*124B. ELIZABETH HARBOUR born 1 Dec. 1857 in Auburn Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died 28 Feb. 1898 in Curran Twp., Sangamon, I11; married JOHN WILLIAM WORKMAN1496. See his record.
*125B. DICIE HARBOUR born, 22 Dec. 1860 in Auburn Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died 30 Jan. 1930 in Sangamon Co., Ill; married PETER DAVID WORKMAN1458. See his record.
*126B. SALLY HARBOUR born 14 July 1864 in Auburn, Twp., Sangamon, Ill; married JOHN HENRY WORKMAN1459. See his record.
*127B. LEVI HARBOUR JR. born 28 May 1867 in Auburn, Twp., Sangamon, Ill.
128B. JOHN WILLIAM HARBOUR born 16 Oct. 1871 in Chatham Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died 2 Aug. 1873 in Loami Twp., Sangamon, Ill.
129B. OLLIE HARBOUR born 9 Sept. 1875 in Loami Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died there 14 Oct. 1875.

122B. MARY JANE HARBOUR, dau of Cynthia (Symantha) Bilyeu117B (Peter63B John55B Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B ThomaslB) and Levi Harbour; born 15 Dec. 1853 in Auburn Twp., Sangamon, Ill; died 3 April 1890; married JOHN BREWER (Born 22 April 1848 in Sangamon Co., Ill; died 3 June 1930) and had children:

130B. JESSE BREWER born 1870; died 19 Jan. 1890.
132B. IDA MAY BREWER born 5 April 1876; died 1 Dec. 1900; married WILLIAM D. COLBURN and had children: Anna Colburn, born 12 Sept. 1895, married Thomas Wanless; Estella Colburn born 26 June 1897, married Mr. Lester; a child who died in infancy and was the eldest of the three.
133B. OSCAR N. BREWER born 1878; died 15 May 1902 in Los Angeles, California.
134B. SILAS E. BREWER born 18 July 1880; married ADDIE ALLISON and had a dau: Florence Brewer born 15 Oct. 1905.
135B. IRA M. BREWER born 5 Oct. 1886 and lived in Spokane, Washington, in later life.

127B. LEVI J. HARBOUR Jr., son of Cynthia (Symantha) Bilyeu117B (Peter63B John55B Peter44B Isaac9B Pierre2B Thomas1B) and Levi Harbour; born 28 May 1867 in Auburn Twp., Sangamon, Ill; married 25 Jan. 1892 to RHODA HARBOUR (born 21 Sept. 1873 in Macoupin. Co., Ill; died 25 May 1917; dau of Elisha Harbour and Tabitha Ribble) and had children:

136B. Child stillborn.
137B. NELLIE HARBOUR born 24 March 1895 in Curran, Sangamon, Ill; married in Dec. 1914 to. ROY BINGHAM. No children.
138B. SUSIE HARBOUR born 3 March 1898 in Curran, Sangamon, Ill.
139B. JESSE HARBOUR born 22 March 1901 in Macoupin Co., Ill.
140B. JOHN HENRY HARBOUR born 7 Nov. 1903 in Macoupin Co., Ill.
141B. JULIA ANN HARBOUR born 4 Oct. 1909 in Curran, Sangamon, Ill.
142B. LEE HARBOUR born 10 April 1914 in Springfield, Sangamon, Ill.

Levi J. Harbour married (2) 26 Jan. 1909 in Racine, Wisconsin, to GRACE E. HOWARD (born 27 July 1892 in Hickory Co., Mo; dau of Albert Howard and Margaret Mackey) and had children:

143B. Boy, un-named, born 22 Nov. 1919 in Dent Co., Mo; died 23 Nov. 1919 aged 24 hours.
144B. IRL D. HARBOUR born 4 March 1921 near Salem, Dent, Mo.
145B. JOHN HOWARD HARBOUR born 1 Feb. 1923 near Salem, Mo.
146B. BUD ROY HARBOUR born 7 Aug. 1926 near Salem, Dent, Mo.
147B. EDITH HARBOUR born 19 July 1928 in Curran, Sangamon, Ill.
148B. MARY JEAN HARBOUR born 17 April 1920 near Salem, Mo.
149B. ALMA GRACE HARBOUR born 27 Sept. 1931 (stillborn).

10B. JACOB BILLIOU, son of Pierre Billiou2B (Thomas1B) and Francoise Du Bois23B; born 1663 in Staten Island, New York; married (1) MARGARET ---------- and had children born in Staten Island, New York:

150B. FRANCES BILLIOU born about 1714; died in infancy.
151B. PETER BILLIOU born about 1716; died in infancy.

Jacob Billiou married (2) his niece, ANN STILLWELL39B (born about 1673; dau of Thomas Stillwell and Martha Billiou5B; widow of Samuel Van Pelt; after Jacob's death she probably married third, Peter Le Compt.) To Jacob and Ann were born:

152B. MARTHA BILLIOU born about 1718; married WILLIAM McCLEAN; she was named as sole heir in her mother's will.
*153B. ISAAC BILLIOU born 19 Dec. 1722; died in 1803.

153B. ISAAC BILLIOU, son of Jacob Billiou10B (Pierre2B Thomas1B) and Ann Stillwell39B; born 19 Dec. 1722; died in 1803; married 22 Oct. 1747 to RACHEL BRITTON and had children:

154B. ELIZABETH BILYEU born 10 Nov. 1748; died 1768 aged 19 years; married 15 April 1766 to JOHN FALWELL (born 1742 in Mansfield, Burlington, New Jersey; son of William Falwell and Hannah Hart.)
155B. ANN BILYEU born 9 Feb. 1751; died 3 July 1829 at Romulus, Seneca, New York; married 30 April 1769 to JOSEPH FALWELL (born 1748 in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey; died 9 April 1824 in Romulus, New York; son of William Falwell Sr. and probably Ann Potts.)
156B. JACOB BILYEU born 27 Jan. 1754; died a child.
157B. SARAH BILYEU born 28 June 1755; died 17 Oct. 1839; married 21 Aug. 1777 to WILLIAM WILSON, Jr. (born 11 May 1746; died 14 Dec. 1837; son of William Wilson and Hannah Hart).
158B. RACHEL BILYEU born 5 Aug. 1759; died 26 Jan. 1862; married 27 Jan. 1773 to JOHN McSWERRY.
159B. NATHANIEL BILYEU born 1763; died 16,March 1850; married 13 June 1795 to HETTY LEACH.
160B. MARTHA BILYEU born 21 Sept. 1766; died a child.

From the research of Mrs. Lydia W. Billings.


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