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"Mormon John" Workman's Scripture Compendium"
"Workman Family History" by Thelma C. Anderson.
(Scanning of this book is in precess.)
"Some Branches of the Workman Tree" Compiled and edited by Ralph Hall Sayre.

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"The editor and compiler of Some Branches of THE WORKMAN TREE is happy to grant free use of the text for personal use with the following understanding and agreement. You, the user, must take responsibility to verify the information for accuracy and not hold the website, editor, compiler, or publisher liable for any offense. You, the user, must agree not to use any mass copied information for sale or profit. Small parts may be used, with proper references, in a user's own family genealogy to be sold in limited quantity." Ralph Hall Sayre

"Ancestral Sequence of Jans William Woertman of Netherlands 1600-2003" published by Robert Bryner Colton, 2002. Word Document (NOTE: this is a large file (about 5 megabytes) and will take a long time to load. Also, it is recommended that you download it and view it in MS Word and not try to read it within a web browser.
...Surname Index. This is a smaller text file of the index.
"300 years of the Workman Families in America" by William C. and Margaret L. McHenry, 1960.

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