The George Albert Workman Family Photos

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John Workman
and Lydia Bilyeu
Jacob Lindsey Workman
and Rebecca Willard Turner

These photos are of George Albert Workman b. 23 Aug 1874, and his first wife Rhoana Clark b. 17 Aug 1877, and his second wife Beatrice Cutler b. 4 Jun 1883. George Albert married Rhoana on 15 Jan 1893, and Beatrice on 13 Sep 1929.
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George Albert Workman is the 15th child of Jacob Lindsay Workman and Rebecca W. Turner

Some family photos

Courtesy: Pat Workman-Warren

Front row: Weltha Tait, Beatrice (2nd wife of GA Sr.), George A. Workman Sr., Iris Corry, & Beryl Sawyer.
Back row: Rebecca Dodds, George A. Workman Jr., Jacob Ancil Workman, Lindsay Doyle Workman, & Sam Clark Workman
Lindsay Doyle Workman, Sam Clark Workman, George Albert Workman Jr., & George Albert Workman Sr.

Catherine Justet-Workman (2nd wife of GA Jr.), George Albert Workman Jr., & Susan Justet-Sandin (sister-in-law to GA Jr.)

Peter Clove Workman, Garth Clark Workman, Keith Clove Workman, Ray Workman, & Geroge A. Workman Jr.

Early picture of Eva Pearl Clove-Workman (1st wife of George A. Workman Jr.)

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